The Board of Trustees

George Baker - Chair

Joined Forum 2003, became Chair 2014. Also Public Governor NELincs for RDaSH (Doncaster & South Humber) NHS Trust & Local Parish Councillor. Become a Member of Forum since suffering mental health problems. Wanted to share my experiences receiving MH services. Felt my voice was never heard nor listened to. “Forgotten Services” Raising awareness is a vital part of the Forum,s role, as is training. Both of which are my intentions as the Board, to take further. Dementia is another concern, due to the increasing difficulties integrating into MH services, which I see as an awkward transition. My vision for the Forum is to “redesign” appropriate services for the 21st century.
Brian Hoser - Treasurer

I became involved originally with the “formation” of the NEL Forum as part of the Contract awarded to the Brij Group 1999 by Social Services & Health Authority.
My role then was a Team Leader, after which I remained “on the sidelines” as Non Executive Director. Brij also managed and supervised Lesley Brown who was appointed Manager 2001.
2013/14, after the retirement of Lesley, I was invited to take on a more “active” role, becoming Treasurer and Company Secretary April 2014, positions I remain in. August 2014 co-opted onto Board as Trustee/Director. For me personally, the Forum has proved to be one the most worthwhile projects I have been involved with.
The Forum continues to move forward with our Partnership Training Programme, “revamped” website, with further developments on the drawing board.
I feel we have had an extremely positive “affect” upon how local mental health services are planned, developed and provided
Stewart Coley

I joined the Forum because I had a “special” interest in carers. Felt they were getting a “raw deal” as do service users, which had to change. I came onto the Forum Board for the same reasons. The Forum has been a big part of the changes we now have in our MH services and it will continue to influence & instigate change.
Shelagh Thomas
Christine Smith

Qualified as a SRN in 1971 and left the NHS in 1986 as a ward sister in continuing care for the elderly. I did some work with adulst with learning disabilities befor creating a holistic retirement home.

I always leart complimentary methods of healing alongsie my career, getting a diploma in aromatherapy in 1990, trained as a cruse counsellor in 1991 and continued my prsonal development with many different courses and facilitating healing groups.

I have a sone and a grandson with mental health problems and with aspergers syndrome. My last post was as a community care manager in North Yorkshire where with my late husband we also had a hotel giving complimentary therapies. I have been retired for a few years now but remain active and interested in wellbeing and helping people to achieve their potential.