September meeting digest

7th Sept

Healing process demonstration and discussion on complimentary therapies including relaxation, positive thinking, reflexology, head and body massage and acupuncture and their supportive value towards mental health.  Locall providers include:Carers Centre, Louise Healing Centre, NAViGO. contact Shelagh Thomas for information.

Feedback on community issues: the need to strengthen advocacy services and support from NAViGO being forwarded to CCG. The forum is better placed to provide such a service.

There is a “Training Trainers” workshop Tuesday 22nd November from 0930 Carers Centre, Mental Health Level 2-Advanced Tuesday 6th December, again 0930 Carers Centre.
Training visit to Antigua from 11th October, providing a number of workshops & courses. There will regular updates for all these.

We must have more trainers for our programme. Hopefully we will have some at the 22nd event who “expand” the Team. Anyone interested should contact us.

14th Sept

NAViGO estates manager introduction and talk on repairs and maintenance of NAViGO properties.  Also discussion on asbestos safety which some of the older properties have and on general security in NAViGO properties.  Very appreciated discussion.

Dr Sajid consultant psychiatrist and NAViGO medical director q & a about waiting times and autism services.  Open Doors does provide some of these services.

Positive training feedback.


21st Sept

Dr Iqbal did not make it to the meeting Pharmacists were present.  Topics raised:

  • Valporate and Bipolar – not aware of any adverse effects and no notices issued.
  • Firbroids –  are normally diet controlled, but surgery may be possible for severre cases.
  • Antibiotics – GP’s may restrict prescriptions to essential and urgent.
  • Anit-cholesterol – generally there are no complaints about these medications.

Accord has an event about Crisis Services

28th Sept

A presentation from Maureen Potter and Linda Richards (Tukes) outlining roles.  There is currently a full review of working practices.  There are two routes within Tukes for “joining” the employment project.  Needs are identified for new joiners and they are supported towards employment with a range of training activites.

Harrison House: discussion about internal issue being dealt with in-house.

Rharian Fields: good patient-led meeting with discussion about advocacy service.

A meeting with NAViGO’s CEO on 29th September will be reported on at the next Fourm trustee meeting.

The Forum has started the MH training for Grimsby institute and discussions are arranged for its expansion.

The Antigua project is moving on very well and George Bake and Brian Hoser will be visiting in October.  There has been a very positive response as George has a full diary of meetings and trining for the two weeks he is there.  this includes 3 Level 1 courses and 4 Level 2 workshops mainly with the Police Force and the School of Nursing.  Brian will remain in Antigua for a further 3 weeks running another 7 courses.


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