September 2017 meeting digest

General Meeting Wednesday 13th September 2017

Presentation/In Attendance: Anna – Pharmacist.

Chair (SC) information: Stewart welcomed back  Anna , who had been on maternity leave. Anna expressed how pleased she was to be back with Forum members.

There were a number of queries around certain medications including long term use and side effects, Anna we need to read the information supplied, if any, or members can contact her for advice.

Naproxan appears to be prescribed more often and for those present worked really well, particularly in “partnership” with paracetamol.

We then chatted about Anna’s baby.

Community Rep: No one in attendance

Harrison House: With Evelyn no longer visiting HH and Linda away, no report

Rharian Fields: As HH

 NAViGO Board: Next meeting Thursday 28th September

Forum Trustee meeting: next meeting is Wednesday 22nd November

Website: Forum main site is looking good. Any information for our site send or leave at Carers Centre fao Brian. There shortly be our partner sites in operation ( MHM’s, MHMST, MHMUK)

 Projects & Training programmes:  First Level 1 workshop provided jointly with VANEL specific to young adults as part of phase one in the development of the Mental Health Millennials UK project Further courses scheduled for October & November.

 Next meeting Wednesday 27th September  2017 Carers Centre 1100-1230 

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