November meeting digest

2nd November

Harrison House: ongoing plumbing issues, patients had no complaints and previous weeks issue resolved.

Possible visit to Eating disorder ward next week.

9th November

Speaker: Dr Ana Tasmas (Consult Psychiatrist – NAViGO) who talked about her role at Harrison House, patient behaviours and how they are dealt with, the different units, treatments and how the team operate.

There was an earlier meeting with Julie Grey to develop the re-connection with the forum.

NAViGO is trying to work with careers and bridges are being built. NAViGO have taken their eye off the ball.  It’s important to have a voice.

Mira Wood – Chaplin- is a professional listener is still working. She works across NAViGO services.

16th November

Speaker: Jane Lewington (NAViGO Chief Executive) gave feedback on Home from Home finishing and answered questions on a variety of subjects.

Dave McGuire gave a talk on diabetes, diet, identification and NHS support as well as the local support groups.

There were questions and answers about the froum from patients at the Harrison House meeting.

31st November

Harrison House: couple of problems with patients rooms identified.  The Forum was explained to patients who were invited to attend the meetings.

A historical complaint made by a member of the Forum about a Care Co-ordinator about their conduct over a two-year period. Meeting to be held with Jane Lewington and the member of the Forum.

A trustees meeting held on the 30th November 2016 at the Careers Centre in Grimsby at 10am.

Training for Trainers took place earlier this month and only one person showed interest and turned up. Training on the 6th December for the Level 2 refreshers is now cancelled.

Antigua:  Good interest in Training Trainers among nursing staff there. New training room with around a 75-seated area will be provided to do the training in Antigua.

Open Minds – Grimsby branch – could be moving to the old Brighowgate site which was Tukes

The Therapy unity at the Floral Hall will be moving to the Garden Centre

The Credit Union in Grimsby has gone bust and NAViGO having problems financially, where money is tight.  Bank staff get paid three times the salary of ordinary staff.  For this reason, if wards or any areas of NAViGO need extra staff, this will have to go to panel.

No meetings on December 21st and 28th, January 4th. Back on January 11th.


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