March 2017 meeting digest

1st March

Presentation from Carl and Jenny (VANEL):

  • Run voluntary services.  VANEL run and support projects in this area.
  • Has EU funding for long term unemployed – can get funding for training if the training relevant for that job.  Can refer people for training eg English and Maths to relevant centre.
  • The MOVE project is aimed at the long term unemployed. Gives them help with jobsearch and into any training they may need.  Also helps them get into volunteering which gets people experience to put on a CV
  • Carl and Jenny like to get out in the community to promote VENAL to get among the people who either volunteer or want to become volunteers.
  • VANEL do drop in sessions at the Carers Centre in Grimsby as they have no disabled access at their offices.
  • VANEL do nothing for carers.
  • VANEL do Trustee training.
  • Can give support for eg Grant Funding applications, Governance, advice on DBS and Tec Support. There maybe a charge.
  • Jenny runs the youth side of VANEL ages between 16 and 30. She is alsoinvolved in a youth project running alongside Anglian Water – environmental issues which is run by young people. This is to promote things such as putting things into the drains – nappies and baby wipes and what they can do to drains and the environment.
  • Battle of the Bands is running in Moon On The Water in Cleethorpes on 31 March 2017 in aid of Women’s Aid. This project was set up by volunteers.
  • Focus is very much on the volunteer, which empowers them. Gives people skills on funding applications, putting a project together, working as a team and seeing a project through.  Gives the local community something back and gets people involved.
  • Based in Dudley Street in Grimsby, telephone 01472 231123.

Agga the Pharmacist answered questions about medication.

No NAViGO representatives present.

No issues raised at Harrison House, but it was noted that a no smoking policy wil come into force in 2018 on all NHS sites.  Smoking cessation to be promoted.

Meeting with NAViGO cancelled as key members not able to be present.

Antigua going well.

Survey work ongoing.

Members asked to complete a Total Transport One Stop Shop Questionnaire.

8th March

Presentation from Mark at Open Minds:

  • Mark is an employment specialist from Open Minds.  He can empathize with service user, as he has suffered from anxiety in the past.  He told the Forum in general what Open Minds do. If they cannot take issues any further, will refer to service who can.
  • Help those who are in work deal with mental health- mainly anxiety and depression. Works with individual and the company they work for.
  • Young’s Seafood very good with helping employees with mental health. Made sure that they can spot mental health problems early so employee can get the help they need.
  • Companies in the area are far better than they were about mental health.
  • Has gained a lot of trust within companies so they can send employees to him for help.  He is finding that certain professions are now coming to him for help. These include, the police, nurses, solicitors, surgeons, admin staff and domestics. During the help Mark gives employees, he also works with the employer, so employee can get back to work. The employee is a productive member of staff.
  • The worst company for getting help for their employees would appear to be the local authority.

No NAViGO representatives present.  No feedback from members board.

No issues at Harrison House, but conversations with Ellie Walsh have resulted in additional support to address a language barrier with a Mandarin speaking NAViGO staff member teaming up with service user.

Carers trip to Scarborough arranged for 28th August 2017.  Only 20 places left.  Names to George.

Surveys on-going with forum member going to Easting Disorders to distribute.


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