June 2017 meeting digest

14th June

Julie Salt – Members Rep – presentation/talk

  • Julie came to talk about boxes. Best seen rather than described, which Julie did – bring a box.
  • Boxes can be used to help service users or carers in a variety of ways. Box can be as small or as large as the person wants.  Can be covered in wrapping paper or decorated in a way person wants.  Individual to the person.
  • Used by people in services – mental health issues, eating disorder, self-harmers, dementia suffers as prompts for memory or even after the death of a person.
  • Good for carers.
  • Things to put in your individual box can range from, bubble bath, colouring books and pens, word searches, photos, relaxing CD’s, wind chimes, quotes on cards, hand cream, notepads, candles, DVD’s, postcards and favourite perfume/aftershave. In the case of self-harmers any of the above and things such as elastic bands.  Elastic bands can help when the urge to self-harm gets too much, then you get the band, put it around your wrist and twang it.  It can work.
  • Julie is trying to get funding for these boxes for service users and carers. She is asking different groups if they think it is a good idea.  The Forum members thought it was.  Julie was at a Carers Day yesterday and got good feedback.
  • Linda mentioned that at one time, Carolyn did get the service users at Harrison House to do shoe boxes and put personal items to them which would help them to relax. Service Users did decorate boxes as part of their therapy there.  Linda and Evelyn to ask Carolyn at Harrison House this Friday if she still does these boxes.
  • George did mention that Julie may be able to get funding from the local Council and Sainsburys.


Update on meeting with Julie Grey – NAViGO

George had a meeting with Julie Grey before the main meeting. George will email Brian, who has just gone over to Antigua for 3 weeks.  George will up-date Brian on how things went.

General Discussion

  • George reminded members that Brian in Antigua for 3 weeks doing training.
  • Next Trustees meeting before main meeting on Wednesday 28th of June.
  • Discussion on how the Forum will go forward after the SLA (Service Level Agreement) will end with NAViGO on 30th June 2017.
  • PALS was discussed, if we thought they were good enough.
  • Members voted on who we thought should have the Forum award for another member who has been outstanding. Trustees could not be voted for.  Evelyn won the vote, Marie came second followed by Mike.  Evelyn was very pleased.  The award will be presented at NAViGO’s AGM this September.
  • Shelia talked about the Louise Centre off Freeman Street funding and the services that are provided.
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