July 2017 meeting digest

26th July

There appears to be an embargo by NAViGO for their staff to engage with the Forum.  Community Reps deadline extended to 10th August.

Harrison House and Rharian Fields: LS continues to visit but there needs to be an agreement with NAViGO.

Trustees feedback included continuing issue with NAViGO.  There is financial security even without NAViGO support till March 2019.  Funding applications are in progress.  Next trustee meeting 23 August.

12th July

Uncertainty of NAViGO input and lack of communication.

Harrison House: Shower refurbishments not yet begun despite reassurances from MH, NAViGO estates manager: finance has not given the OK.

Rharian Fields: Issues over the new entrance and a suggestion that laxatives are being “smuggled in”.

NAViGO & Forum meetings are now ceased.


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