January 2017 meeting digest

11th January

Survey Presentation.
An estimated 1000 surveys should be circulated this month.  The survey team will be allocated to different locations with visitor badges.  The survey has open questions allowing any kind of response.  It will continue till the end of March.

Aga – pharmacist, and Heather Taylor from NAViGO in attendance.

No issues at Harrison house and there has been no visit to Rharian Fields.

18th January

Dr Yange – Consultant – Community Older People talked about the Community Memory Service for which he is the lead.  Assessment is based on assessing the difference between ordinary forgetfulness and dementia.  A high score over 25 (out of 30) triggers an MRI appointment which can give a better indication of a possible problem.  Medication at the early stages of dementia can be helpful but are not acure.

All is well at Harrison House although some delay with showers is causing concern.

25th January

There was a presentation on Open Minds from Linda Brownbridge (LB) – IAPT Clinical Lead and Becky Smith (BS) – team leader.  An outline on Open Minds was given and LB will be acting as team leader whilst BS is on maternity leave.  BH will attend to talk to service users about the survey.

Aga – pharmacist,  in attendance but will not be available till 22nd February due to holidays.

Harrison House issue for one resident who cannot speak English and there only being a part time interpreter.

Forum trustee meeting reported no issues bar finance.  Awaiting decision on NAViGO SLA renewal.

Survey on target: 71 returns to date.  Pickup and drop off points at Carers Centre, Age UK, NAViGO HOuse, Open Minds, Harrison House.  Other to be added.

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