February 2017 meeting digest

22nd February

Presentation from Harrison House:

  • The Therapeutic Community (TC), a 2 year programme has been running for 18 months with good results. Service users go 4 days a week which will drop to one day a week in September 2017.
  • Therapeutic Community is based on good family values. Service Users  more often than not have issues around problem solving, stress and trusting others. Sessions are held which break down barriers for service users to think in a different way, but it takes time.  There is a principle of honesty and openness.  Barriers have been broken down, where it may be the first time that people have been honest with the service user.
  • Physcology and staff meet every Tuesday where they discuss the best way to treat patients.
  • More of the TC model is needed within the home when a service user is discharged off the Lodge or whilst they are attending the TC unit 4 days a week as an outpatient.
  • Referrals for the TC unit can be made by the Care Coordinator with the service users silver link number with a history.
  • Family members/carers may have issues with the way the TC/Brockelsby operate but results are good. Service Users of the TC can make lifelong friends
  • Susan is now the manager of the new Brockelsby Lodge at Harrison House which is a rehab centre. It will run similarly to the Therapeutic Community with putting family values first.  It is an inpatient unit with its first patient. Service users which were sent out of area will now be on Brockelsby which will cut down on costs. Service users will get support from family and friends who are in the area and it will be easier to access services. There are 10 staff.
  • Carolyn has been in her job as Activity Coordinator for around 18 months now, and works on Pelham and Meridian Lodge at Harrison House.  A new member of staff has been hired to cover Carolyn’s role whilst she is on holiday and to cover weekends. Carolyn works Monday to Friday.
  • Only has a small budget for activities of around £25 a month. Carolyn comes up with novel ideas and improvises on uses of things to make e.g. crafts. Activities range from sport/arts and craft, walks, board games, pampering sessions, gardening, music and relaxation. Activities are a good way of distraction as well as therapy
  • There can be special theme days such as pirate days and instead of Blue Monday, Bright Monday.
  • Carolyn takes some service users to NAViGO House in Grimsby to see Barry in education. This can be for some dyslexia testing or English or Maths.
  • George advised Carolyn that B & Q are good with funding for people with mental health if she needs for funding for arts and crafts.In the pipeline, Carolyn maybe going to Hope Court in Grimsby 1 day a week to do rehabilitation

Forum members attended at Harrison House with no real issues.

No NAViGO reps were present at the meeting.

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