December meeting digest

7th December

Questions to the visiting Pharmacist around drugs putting weight on and the long term impact of anitbiotics.

Marie, the NAViGO Community rep talked about the careers rights day and NAViGO gettting ready for out of area patients to be brought back in.  They have purchased a bungalow for this purpose.

Brian Hoser has a copy of the NAViGO members board report.

Linda and Evelyn attended the Harrison House meeting and talked about the Forum.  Talk of carers rights and signposted to the Carers Centre.

Eating Disorder group representation was discussed and George will report back.

A mental health support group has been set up in Antigua.

A NAViGO survey will be conducted in January and February.  The Forum has provided some of the questions and 8 members are gong to help with the survey.

Mark Rutlidge has moved to Scotland for personal reasons. He will be no longer a Forum member or Trustee.

14th December

A talk and questions by Dr Tamas a consultant working with NAViGO:

  • There is a new team, Access. They will access new referrals from the East and West teams in Grimsby.  This is the community teams.  New referrals are now seen quicker.  Service Users which are usually seen by Crisis now seen by the new teams in community.  Staff have had training.  More staff are needed though.
  • Brockelsby Lodge at Harrison House has been refurbished for a rehabilitation centre.
  • A bungalow has been leased in Laceby Road. Refurbishment is due to be finished by the end of January.  The bungalow is for patients who have been in Harrison House and go back in the community.  There will be 4 beds and for low risk service users.  There will be 24-hour staff involvement, who will be on site.  There will be no time limit on stay, but service users will be reviewed.  Service Users who wish to go out, will be escorted.  As service users, will be living together, skills such as life skills and social interaction will be kept up-to-date or learnt.  This aids to a quicker recovery.
  • If service users are out of area and come back to area, their care can be different from area to area. They may find it difficult with the transition.
  • Whilst service users are in Harrison House, if they do not have a care co-ordinator, one will be assigned. This could take weeks, as there is a staff shortage.
  • If a service user has good care at home, they will stay well for longer.

Survey questions discussed and made ammendments.

Harrison House issue with showers and bathrooms.  Cloverleaf Advocacy gave a talk on services and types of advocacy  Suggested that he attend a Forum meeting.  Carolym also to come to a Forum meeting to give an update on Harrison House.

Eating disorder unit representation discussed and an outcome as to whom will be atending will be forthcoming in the new year.

There has been a meeting of  Forum trustees with NAViGO where the SLA was discussed.  Not everything could be answered or resolved and there may be issues with timescales.  It will be discussed at the next Forum trustte meeting on 25th January 2017.

Brief updates on TMS and ECT, CCG has said all contracts are up for renewal, Atos and PIP assessment and Cloverleaf activity.

The Forum Christmas party will be on 21/12.

21st December

Harrison house issues were discussed.  The forum will write to NAViGo regarding bathrooms.  Patients discussed having a dietitian available and staff are going to take this forward. After the meeting an issue with Crisis was raised by a service user which will be looked into further by the Forum.  George is following it up.

Possible interest in someone being a trainer: Brian will contact them

The Forum sit on NAViGo staff interviews, but this has generated some confusion which Brian or George will follow up.

Three staff members from Open Minds attended the buffet today.

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